HEAD TO HEAD: Jack vs. John Lewis

High-street retail’s in a bit of a mess, isn’t it? Now there’s a statement of the bleeding obvious…

Some store bosses go all Scooby-Doo in media interviews, using whichever excuse comes to mind to explain their latest slide in sales: “If it weren’t for those pesky consumers with mobile phones/Brexit/oil prices/butterflies flapping their wings in the Pacific…” (delete as appropriate).

In this new retail reality, shifts in strategy are called for – or updated branding, at the very least. Two retail behemoths recently unveiled makeovers, so we’ve put them under the microscope.

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HEAD TO HEAD: Regus vs. WeWork

We asked 100 UK-representative respondents for their thoughts on this new-fangled co-working, and the creative that the sector’s leading companies are using to flog it. We compared attitudes towards a campaign from established player Regus - victim of a recent poor financial performance - with an ad for WeWork, which despite being a relative newbie was recently valued at £27bn!

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