The Nod is up and running!

The market is ready for a new approach. Traditional research methods are no longer fit for purpose. The tried and tested can’t always be trusted. That’s why The Nod is here to help!

Here at The Nod, we are on a mission to automate, simplify and scale many of the practices of traditional market research, which are fundamental to everyday decision-making within numerous companies globally. We think the industry should be using the abundant technology to drive down the cost of research, because traditional methodologies can be cost prohibitive. We are looking to help reduce the cost of market research and bring it to a wider market, from corporates to individuals; from brands to makers and do-ers. Not a bad ambition really, even if we say so ourselves!

Technology should be used to make life more simple, not complicated! We are finding ways to reduce these barriers. No more lies, damned lies and statistics. Just cold, hard facts that can’t be spun. Follow the facts and reap the rewards; ignore the insights and watch your creative crash and burn. And no more using pretentious wording that no one understands. We really don’t like pretentious words.

We want to be the go-to-place to help you understand how your brand and creative compare to others’ best efforts, and to make sure your designs put you on the path to success. Our ambition is to allow organisations to benchmark their own performance against a suite of key performance metrics, within their own category, at a much lower cost.